Advice Centre

Please see links below for wood finishing advice on a range of popular topics. If you have further queries or can't see an answer to your question, please contact us for free, expert advice.

Every day, customers ask us for advice on finishing their wood which we freely and gladly give. Any guidance offered however must be used in conjunction with our own unique product range to ensure compatibility, as there are many similar sounding products on the market which are very different to ours.

Our Trade Acrylic, as an example, is a self levelling low colour change modified Acrylic Finish whereas a standard Decorator's Centre Acrylic Varnish will simply not be tough enough for floors and will generally darken the wood, even if it says clear or non-yellowing on the tin! Wood Stains from a DIY shop are usually coloured Varnish and not a penetrating wood stain at all!

So don't get caught out - if you're not sure what to buy - Just Ask Finney's

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