How to fill holes in wood

Filling holes in wood is an every day event but done badly can be very noticeable.

There are several types of wood filler:

Hard wax blocks Wax Filler Sticks are used on bare wood to fill small holes and mitres. Soften a small piece between the thumb and fingers to produce a stiff putty before pushing into the hole with the tip of a pointer or old screwdriver. Clean off before applying finish.

Softer Wax Block Retouch crayons - Can be rubbed over a polished wood surface to fill small worm holes. Always buff off excess with a soft Polishing Cloth.

Paste Wood Filler is suitable for general repairs on bare wood up to a hole size of around 6mm.

All of the above fillers can have their colour adjusted by the addition of Finney’s Powder Dry Colour pigment.

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