Food Safe Finishes for wood

Wood is often a preferred choice for food preparation areas and utensils but species with large pores such as Ash or Oak, or those which can taint the food, including darker coloured woods, may cause problems.

Sycamore and Beech are favoured woods as they're close textured, work well, look good and don't splinter following constant use. When you've decided on the type of wood, the next stage is to choose the finish.

For surfaces in direct contact with food Pure Tung Oil (China wood oil) is a non-tainting food safe oil which unlike vegetable oil does not leave a sticky residue. Oil the surface and leave to soak in. Then after around 15 to 20 minutes, wipe off all of the excess oil. Repeat several times over a few days to give maximum protection. Make sure that the surface is very fine sanded before oiling or the results will be disappointing.

Kitchen worktops are popularly oiled with Danish Oil but this does not offer a lot of protection to spillages without regular reoiling. For a lower maintenance finish on Oak, Ash, Elm and Beech use Finney’s Microporous Hardwax Oil as this will produce an oiled and waxed appearance after only a couple of applications whilst being much harder wearing than linseed oil or Danish Oil.

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