Producing a harder wearing wax polish finish

Antique restorers may be reluctant to get involved with complex processes such as French polishing on lower priced furniture because of the time that this might take.

Finpol Polishes make polishing hardwoods easy. Each layer of polish will increase the shine so you can achieve a precise sheen level. If you prefer a matt - satin waxed finish, Finney's Extra Tough Waxed Finish is touch dry in around 15 minutes and is also really easy to use.

How to use Finney's Extra Tough Waxed Finish

After sanding, apply a coat of Finney's Extra Tough Waxed Finish by brush. This finish is very forgiving with light brush marks and imperfections disappearing as each coat dries. Three coats are generally sufficient for most timbers.

Each coat requires cutting back with 240 grade Flexi-cut Paper. For a satin finish apply one or two coats of Finney's Extra Tough Varnish prior to applying Finney's Extra Tough Waxed Finish. As with the 'Finpol system' it is possible to wax the wood after the final coat using Finney’s Superior Finishing Wax which will produce a very silky sheen. Apply the wax using a pad of Ultra Fine 0000 Grade Steel Wool buffing with an Extra Soft Polishing Cloth.

How to produce a tough "French polished" wood finish using Finpol Polishes

Finpol polishes are specially formulated, modified shellac polishes that let anyone achieve the finish of a professional yet have the toughness of a conventional varnish. They are not DIY brushing polish type products as they keep most of the workability of pure French polish for fine quality and advanced work. There are three different types:

  • FINPOL Special Polish - Is used on the very finest furniture and woodwork where you want the 'ultimate' finish.
  • FINPOL Extra Hard Polish - Offers the highest protection level of any of the Finpol polishes but you will need some FINPOL Special Thinners too.
  • FINPOL Easy Polish - is, as its name suggests, a really easy to use brush-on finish for doors, handrails, and decorative woodwork. It is available in Original and Reduced Shine sheen levels.

All Finpol polishes can be applied using a polishing mop, brush, cloth, rubber or by spraying. For a quick and simple, fully professional finish we recommend using the Finpol system of finishing.

The Finpol System

This has been perfected over many years and is proven to work. You Will Need:

What to do

Apply as many thin coats of Finpol Polish as you like, leaving each one to dry. When dry, cut back between each coat using the 400 grade Lubrisil Paper and wiping any dust using a Tack Cloth. The more coats you apply, the higher the shine. Finish by applying Finney’s Superior Finishing Wax using a pad of Ultra Fine 0000 grade Steel Wool. Buff with an Extra Soft Polishing Cloth.

Appearance - SUPERB No other word for it!
Toughness - As tough as acrylic varnish
Finishing time - First coat of Finpol polish touch dry in just 5 to 10 minutes. Subsequent coats, 30 minutes. You can apply up to three coats in a day.

Finney's Finpol Polishes are suitable for doors, staircases, fire surrounds, panelling, pine furniture, hardwood furniture and ALL beautiful wood.

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