How to varnish an oak door

How to finish engineered oak doors

The best way to finish your oak veneer doors

Even when described as solid wood, most modern oak doors are engineered (made in a factory with oak veneers on the surface) so it's a good idea to check the manufacturers fitting instructions before you start. If you're not sure just ring us. The following finishes are designed to be used with the majority of oak veneer doors & engineered oak doors.

Use our Trade Acrylic Varnish when you need a finish that is clear, and doesn't really alter the natural colour of the oak veneer door. Available in matt or satin sheen level, easy to use and doesn't alter colour over time. Trade Acrylic Varnish is also low odour, low VOC and quick drying.

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Where a little more grain enhancement is required but all other requirements are the same, use Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish (it's so tough it can be used on Oak floors too). This finish is clear like the Trade Acrylic but darkens the wood very slightly. There is also a waxed version of the Extra Tough Varnish too, for when you like the idea of using an oil or Hardwax Oil but this is not recommended by the manufacturer of the Engineered Oak Doors you have bought.

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View Extra Tough Floor Varnish - Waxed Finish

And finally, if you prefer full colour enhancement (wet look) for your oak veneer door but a silkier feel than a Flooring Hardwax Oil such as Osmo Polyx Oil then use Microporous Hardwax Oil. This product is slower drying than the Trade Acrylic and Extra Tough Finishes mentioned above, but creates a truly beautiful finish on older styles of oak door.

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Choosing an oak door finish

We sell many wood finishes for doors, both solid and engineered, each offering different advantages. If you're not sure just ask us for advice.

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