How to finish pine doors

The best way to finish your solid pine wood door

How to varnish an pine floor

Pine doors may be either solid or engineered. "Engineered" means that the wood surface is actually a thin veneer. For engineered or veneered pine doors, first look in the manufacturers fitting instructions for what types of product you can and can't use and then contact us for further advice.

There are lots of ways to finish solid pine doors and these depend on whether the wood is to be stained or clear finished.

For a clear varnish that doesn't really alter the colour of the Pine use Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish. You can add a little white wood stain into the first coat if you want to lighten it further still.

Also take a look at the technique shown on our video Removing / Preventing orange tone on Pine (how to make pine lighter). This video explains how to adjust the natural yellowing of pine to suit your own tastes.

Where no colour change or sheen level is required at all use instead Finney's Invisible Oil. This looks like there isn't a finish on the wood at all.

Sometimes solid pine needs to be stained. Best results are achieved by sanding the wood to 180 grit using Flexicut abrasive paper and then using our Professional Water Stains to create a natural colour. These are not like the wood stains found in DIY stores, which are coloured varnishes. The pine can next be oiled or waxed. Microporous Hardwax Oil will create a beautiful finish and pull out the grain pattern of the wood as well as enhance the colour of the stain. It is available in a matt or satin finish.

Alternatively solid pine can be waxed. This doesn't offer as much protection as the Microporous Hardwax Oil but choosing a coloured wax to go on top of the Professional Water Stain will increase its depth of colour.

We have produced two videos which explain the products and techniques for waxing pine:
How to stain wooden floors, doors and furniture
How to wax polish pine

If you have a specific question about finishing pine doors please contact us.

Choosing an pine door finish

We sell many wood finishes for doors, each offering different advantages. If you're not sure just ask us for advice.

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