How to finish pine floors

The best way to finish your pine wood floor

How to varnish an pine floor

Many of our customers want a pine floor finish that's tough, easy to use, doesn't leave brush marks and is quick drying. More importantly still is that they often ask for something that doesn't darken the wood. Finney's professional water based finishes are the best products for this type of requirement.

Pine Floor Finishing Products

Most finishes will send the wood more golden (even those that say non yellowing on the label, as this is a reference to how the finish will alter colour over time and not when it is first applied). Two of our most suitable pine floor finishes are shown below.

Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish leaves the wood its natural colour. Three coats are needed for maximum protection, although 2 may be sufficient on lower wear areas such as bedrooms. Trade Acrylic is not a standard Acrylic, it is modified to increase protection without affecting the natural tone of the pine floor.

Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish can also be used as a top coat for emulsion paints and chalk paints (not white) on furniture and floors, avoiding the problem of paints becoming chipped on edges or hiding the true texture of the wood.

Another popular product for Pine Floors is Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish in a matt or satin sheen. Really easy to use like the Trade Acrylic it gives a high quality finish that is as tough as a single part product can be, and is as tough as many industrial 2 part products. It will darken the wood slightly more than the Trade Acrylic.

If you have a specific question about finishing Pine Floors please contact us or see further advice on wood floor finishing.

Choosing a pine floor finish

We sell many wood finishes for floors, each offering different advantages. If you're not sure just ask us for advice.

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Pine Floor Finishing Products

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