Choosing the right shellac polish

Shellac is a natural ingredient which, when added to industrial alcohol, produces French polish. A good mix for general polishing, which we stock, is a 2˝ lb cut which in "old money" means 2˝ lb of shellac to one gallon of alcohol (methylated spirits).

There are several types of shellac polish usually based on colour:

  • Garnet Brown Often used on traditional mahogany
  • Button Orange / golden Often used on traditional oak
  • Orange Orange Also known as standard polish
  • White Clear Bleached shellac for use on bare wood
  • Transparent Blonde dewaxed shellac, available in several grades
  • Black Ready made colour for "black piano" type finishing

Modified shellac polishes. The best types have a high proportion of shellac which is combined with other ingredients to give a harder wearing fine quality finish. Examples are

You can alter the colour of any shellac based polish by adding Finney’s Powder Spirit Stains to a little Clear Methylated Spirits before stirring into the polish. Colours of Powder Spirit Stains available:

  • Mahogany (traditional red)
  • Bismark Brown (red / brown)
  • Walnut (warm brown)
  • Oak (cold brown)
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Finney’s Powder Spirit Stains are intermixable to produce intermediate or tinted shades e.g., yellow and red make orange or mahogany and red make modern mahogany.

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