Creating a Longer Lasting Waxed Polish Finish for Doors

When a wax polish is applied to a bare wood surface, within a matter of weeks it will look like it needs rewaxing. This is because the wax is constantly being absorbed by the dry wood, losing both colour and sheen in the process. You might also notice finger marking around door handles starting to show - so what can you do to give the wood better protection?

One simple remedy if you're not wanting to colour the wood at all is to apply a single coat of either Finney’s Shellac Sanding Sealer or for extra protection, FINPOL Easy Polish (reduced shine version). This acts as a size so that the wood is less porous. When dry apply Fiddes Light Supreme Wax with a pad of Ultra Fine 0000 Grade Steel Wool working along the grain, leave for a few minutes and buff with an Extra Soft Polishing Cloth.

For a stained effect, apply a coat of Finney's Professional Water Stain before applying the sealer.

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