How to stop wood filler looking like wood filler!

Just paint it out!

Sometimes wood filler looks a bit obvious but you can hide it by making your own painting out solution. Simply add Finney’s Powder Dry Colour to either a little Transparent French Polish or FINPOL Easy Polish, (just like adding sugar to coffee) to create your own coloured liquid (semi-paint). You may need to dilute the mix slightly in Clear Methylated Spirits so that it isn't too thick.

Paint over the filler to either resemble a knot (use Burnt Turkey Umber Powder Dry Colour) or mix a shade to match the colour you need. You can even paint on a grain pattern too. After 10-15 minutes seal using Finney’s Extra Tough Floor Varnish on floors. On furniture use French polish, Wax Polish or Oils.

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