Need help with interior oak finishes?

Oak is a very popular and beautiful wood.  It stains and finishes easily but, having a ring porous structure (where the large early wood pores follow a pattern), often the figure (grain pattern) can be quite marked.  Some people like this effect, others are less keen.

Traditionally, oak would be finished with oils based on Linseed oil (e.g., Danish Oil) or waxes containing beeswax (e.g., Supreme Wax) as these give a natural sheen but offer little by way of protection.  Because of this, being harder wearing, Hardwax Oils are proving popular.  As with all finishes, some are better than others.  OSMO Polyx Oil / Saicos Premium Oil  /  Treatex Oil and our Microporous Hardwax Oil are all incredibly easy to use.  All that is needed is to put on two to three applications, giving a light rub down with fine abrasive between coats, to give truly outstanding results.

For more protection still, varnishes are used.  Finney’s Trade Acrylic hardly changes the colour of the wood.  (If you want an ultra matt finish with no colour change and don’t require any more protection than an oil, give Finney’s Invisible Oil a try – Amazing stuff); Finney’s Extra Tough Varnish gives a slightly colour enhanced shade (darkening effect); whilst  Extra Tough Waxed Finish can be applied on top for a more natural looking finish.

In addition, Durapolish Clear Glaze is as tough as any of the above varnishes but, being oil based is slower drying – 3 to 4 hours.  This product will colour enhance the wood making it look as if it has been wetted.

So, remember…
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Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish (Sample)
From£6.40 (£7.68 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish (Sample)
From£6.40 (£7.68 Inc. VAT)
Rustins Finest Danish Oil
From£10.19 (£12.23 Inc. VAT)
Fiddes Supreme Wax
From£11.24 (£13.49 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish
From£13.33 (£16.00 Inc. VAT)
Paste Beeswax
From£13.50 (£16.20 Inc. VAT)
Durapolish Clear Glaze
From£13.98 (£16.78 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish
From£14.47 (£17.36 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Microporous Hardwax Oil
From£15.85 (£19.02 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Varnish - Waxed Finish
From£15.97 (£19.16 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Invisible Oil
From£17.82 (£21.38 Inc. VAT)
OSMO Polyx Oil
From£23.90 (£28.68 Inc. VAT)
Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil
From£24.72 (£29.66 Inc. VAT)
From£24.96 (£29.95 Inc. VAT)