Need help finishing pine furniture & doors?

Before you can choose a finish suitable for pine doors, you will first need to check that the manufacturer has not had problems with any particular type – guidance will be given on this in the fitting instructions so take a look.

If pine doors are veneered and / or made from fast growing Southern American timbers which do not take a stain well, you will need to use a coloured varnish such as Sikkens TS1 Interior. For genuine pine (Baltic Redwood), if you do decide to use a stain, Finney’s Professional Water Stains are compatible with most finishes – but a binding agent may need to be added if using with water based varnishes.

So which finish?
You can use the same finishes on pine furniture as you can doors.  This may include waxes – see our video How to wax pine – or oils such as Danish Oil and Finney’s New Generation Danish Oil.  Deciding between a varnish or a more traditional finish depends on the protection and sheen level required.  Choices can include Finney’s Trade Acrylic, Finney’s Extra Tough Floor Varnish; or hardwax oils such as OSMO Polyx Oil, Saicos Premium Oil, or Finney’s Microporous Hardwax Oil.

So, remember…
If you’re in doubt and need free advice - drop us an email or ring us on 01246 261664


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Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish (Sample)
From£6.40 (£7.68 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish (Sample)
From£6.40 (£7.68 Inc. VAT)
Fiddes Supreme Wax
From£11.24 (£13.49 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Trade Acrylic Varnish
From£13.33 (£16.00 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Floor Varnish
From£14.47 (£17.36 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Extra Tough Varnish - Waxed Finish
From£15.97 (£19.16 Inc. VAT)
OSMO Polyx Oil
From£23.90 (£28.68 Inc. VAT)
Sikkens TS1 Interior Varnish
From£24.63 (£29.56 Inc. VAT)
Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil
From£24.72 (£29.66 Inc. VAT)
From£24.96 (£29.95 Inc. VAT)